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Today the Huffington Post published an article by our founder, Olivia:

Handwritten Notes Mean More Than 'Thank You' In The Digital Age

When celebrating the little things -- the daily things that humans do for one another, like setting up a fruitful introduction or loaning a game-changing book that you don't give back for months -- it would be perfectly acceptable to send a text message or email offering thanks. However, those are quick missives in comparison to the significance of a cheerful piece of mail showing up in one's bill-laden mailbox.

Certainly receiving a handwritten note will brighten your recipient's day, but it also signals that you hold your relationship in high regard; that you have a great amount of respect for your friend, family member or colleague; and that you wish to continue to build upon the relationship, and that is quite something special.

Text message is the home of the flaky bails where it has become inconsequential to blow off an event or plans just a couple hours before it begins. It's also the place of cheeky group chats and silly emojis, and so it is understandable that it may not feel of as much significance to receive thanks via this medium.

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